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Cigarrest to Stop Smoking in 7 Days! 

Side Effects You Might Have When You Quit Smoking

I knew that I would have cravings when I quit smoking, but I didn't know about the other things I would experience or just how bad the craves would be. I hope this will help you on your quit.

ashtray full of cigarettesSmell smoke all the time through skin. I thought I was losing my mind because all I could smell was cigarette smoke ALL day long. It put smoking right in the front of my mind. I liked the smell of cigarettes… I still do at times. But this was bad. It was coming out of my pores and I smelled like an old ashtray. When I discovered that, it grossed me out so bad, I knew I didn't ever want to start again.

The good news is it passes. It was only for a couple days and then you know what? I noticed that I could smell more and taste more. It's true and I figured that was well worth it! Smoking stifles those senses.

Create arguments. I have never felt so destructive in my life as when I quit smoking. The first 3 days weren't that bad, but then between week 1 and week 2, I had attitude. Oh, I was rotten. Everything ticked me off and I really felt I had no control over it. Ask those that love you to be understanding, try to walk away, and don't let getting angry push you over the edge. The cigarette wins then and you are back at the beginning. I had amazing support from my boyfriend and his daughter during my experience. They wanted it as bad as I did.

Proven, Natural healthcare for you and your familyThe Great Depression. I cried over everything! If I wasn't mad, I was sad. Life was miserable. At one point, 2 weeks or so in to it, I called a doctor. They prescribed a mild anxiety prescription for me to help me get through. I only chose to take those pills a couple times but it helped. It made me sleepy and it lightened my moods. I don't like to take medicine. It's why I quit smoking cold turkey, but I knew I needed help and it was better than going back to smoking.

Smoking on the brain 24/7. I thought about smoking all the time. I couldn't stop. The girl I shared my office with back then was great about it all! She was an ex smoker so I asked her a lot of questions. Again, warn the people you work with that you might talk a lot about it, but it will go away, just like the craves.

Nightmares and Dreams. Some people have nightmares or dreams about smoking. Either one can be dangerous for your quit so beware. A nice dream will leave you feeling all those "fake benefits" of smoking when you wake up. Remember, it's a dream! Just like any dream you wake from, it's not real. Don't succumb.

On a positive note, my entire life, I have had bad nightmares. The kind that send me out of my bed and I accidentally run into the door or right out the door. I used to do this a lot. Since I stopped smoking 5 years ago, I have only had this kind of dream about 6 times. I think this and my quit are related. Maybe because of the carcinogens in cigarettes.

It passes. It really does. I am not someone who got lucky with no withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking or who didn't suffer the entire time. I was right there. Oh I wanted to smoke in the worst way, but I knew I was stronger than that stupid cigarette and so are you. Hopefully having this information will prepare you and strengthen you. You've got this!


Good luck!

~Comment below and share your experience~

Categorized: Well Being

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