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Put Your Business on the Map - for free!

One of the best ways to put your business high on the search results is to register with Google Maps. You don't even need to have a website to register the physical address of your business!

Show Internet users where your business is by registering on Google Maps. It’s quick, simple, and worth it! This is a great Internet tool for advertising your business for free. *** You will need to register for a free gmail.com account if you do not already have one.***
To make it even easier, I have included the instructions below.

  1. Click on the link below (you do not need a website for this, but its great if you do – visit my Web Design page to get started today!
    http://maps.google.com/ click on the link that says: "Put your business on Google Maps"

  2. Click Sign Up Now or login if you already have a Google email account.

  3. Fill in appropriate information regarding username and password for Google account.

  4. Fill in appropriate information regarding your business. You can leave out whatever information you want, but completed information improves your ranking.

  5. Upon completion, you will receive an automated phone call which will provide a pin number to be entered in to the page so don’t close out of the page and make sure you answer your phone!


Entire process: Less than 10 minutes! For a world of exposure!

Google Maps offers a lot of great FREE features for business owners to put their name out there.

One of these features is  an online coupon for your business. You can create a coupon with whatever discount you choose (think this through in detail before putting it out there for the world to see) and it will be added to your listing on Google Maps! Customers can print the coupon off their computer and bring it to your store. Or you can create coupon codes for online users!

Another feature is the Dashboard. This keeps track of the overall number of users who saw your listing, what they did with the listing, if anything and the top search queries where your listing showed up. Also it shows the location that driving directions were requested from. All these tools are great for learning where your traffic comes from.

Google Maps is a must have for any business, especially one trying to cut corners while getting their name out there!


Please visit the Business Tips section for more tips like this!

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